Photo:    Ben Classen

Brick Painter seeks modest person with dirty feet for painting, creating, and maybe more..

Hey- I'm Ryan. I bet you're wondering about that title; we'll get to that in just a second. I'll say quickly that by day, I am senior designer and front end web developer; by night I am a multidisiplinary artist and ice hockey connoisseur. Yeah, about that title... I happend across a cheesey online dating profile generator and thought it would be funny and more effective than a general 'About Me' headline. Guess it worked. Please wash your feet.

Collaborating Artists:    Biafra   , Bernd,    Wundr   .

What I Can Do

Wether you have a brand identity or are in need of one, I can help you refine your vision and stand out from the crowd.

Online Gallery

Showcase for artwork that is available for purchase. I won’t sell you my organs, I’m still using those, but you can own a piece of me by owning a piece of my art; That’s pretty metal too.